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Love the Gucci on display? Can't resist the Chanel you saw your coworker carrying? Have the perfect outfit to go with that Dior? But can't afford any of them? Welcome to the world of discount designer purses. Here, we teach you what to do and how to acquire designer handbags for cheaper than a retail value that will leave a dent in your credit card for the next couple of years.

Everyone knows about sales. They are the fashion conscious woman's best friend. But don't you get tired of going through all the rush and hassle of having to fight through hoards of excited females during these sales? Wouldn't it be nice if you could get the bag you want without having to fight for it? This is why some retailers like Saks 5th Avenue have started a trend of presales. Women on the lookout for sales will know when to look for a presale (literally, a week or so before the start of the sale) and buy their dream handbag at discount prices. They can thus avoid the hustle and bustle of the usual clearance sales and still get their discount designer purses. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

Another amazing way to save time and money while getting a hold of discount designer purses is by signing up for notifications online. Keep a track of when your favorite purse hits the sales and if you can get it earlier at rock bottom prices somewhere else. Shopping online has never been more convenient! If you sign up for an online designer purse website, they will sometimes offer you something you might like on their own – thus expanding your shopping horizons as well.

Now as cliché as it might sound, going to eBay or Bonanzle might not be such a bad idea. You might think buying a second hand purse would mean getting a low quality, used to the hilt handbag, but most often this is not the case. Designer purses cost quite a substantial amount, and so anyone who uses them knows to take good care of them, such as keeping the leather clean, storing the bags in dustbags, taking care of belts and buckles, etc. So most of the time, you can get a good deal on discount designer purses on eBay as well. Just make sure you look through some pictures of the purse in question and it displays the logo of the brand it claims to be. Ask for more pictures to determine the quality of the discounted designer purse.

If you are too nitpicky for eBay, you might want to consider consignment shops. These are shops like Ann's Fabulous Finds and Malleries that are basically places for the rich and spoilt to dump their designer belongings. Most of the items for sale here have been scarcely used, and consignment shops take great pains to make sure their products meet a certain quality level. Shopping at these places, you can get discount designer purses that have scarcely been used.

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Discount Designer Purses

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This article was published on 2010/12/07