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There's a wide range of cufflinks available in the market. As they say, there's always a pair of cufflinks for every occasion. But among the thousands of cufflinks you'll find, designer cufflinks are extra special. These are of very high quality, usually regarded as premium men's accessories widely recognized by avid accessory collectors and top jewelers. They are most worn with formal attire on special occasions or black tie events. And because they're extra-ordinarily beautiful, they never fail to add elegance and luxury to your formal attire.

Designer cufflinks are classy, fashionable, and refined. No wonder they're popular father's day gifts or groomsmen gifts. They also make great collectibles - prized collectibles to be exact - because not only do they carry their own brand or their designer's brand, they're usually priced a bit higher than most cufflinks. You may well consider them as the elite types of cufflinks after all.

Note, there are many designer brands out there and they're not all equal. Besides their designer's signature, each one has its own uniqueness - specialty if you may call it - to set them apart from others. For example there are designer cufflinks that specialize in a specific material, such as sterling silver, gold, or crystals; some are known to carry a whole line of silver or enamel designs.

Designer cufflinks can usually be distinguished by their prominent design, most are exclusive, which applies to their line of products. They work almost as trademarks - something special that a designer cufflink brand is known for. For example, some work with distinctively bold and live colors. Some carry exceptionally abstract and ultra-modern designs, contemporary design perhaps. Still, others are known for precious and semi-precious stones embedded on their cufflinks. The most common varieties are jade, diamonds, onyx, rubies, pearls and Swarovski crystals.

Some designer cufflinks also manufacture mechanical cufflinks - real globe, compasses, watches, and thermometer cufflinks - and they're guaranteed to be working. Pretty cool. They may also come by theme or motif. Sometimes among the patterns and shapes you can even see some humor and tease.

Some shapes of designer types can be considered as "twisted classics" - the usual, the common cufflinks shape but with some twist. Of course, you will also likely come across unusual shapes - almost of novelty type or contemporary.

How they achieve such beautiful artistry is also a painstaking process. How exactly do they craft their cufflinks? Most are especially handmade by top jewelers and cufflink designers - which can be hand-enameled, hand-painted, or hand-molded. The details are actually incomparable - the combination of colors, the materials used, the lining, the gemstones - they are masterfully crafted.

It's not uncommon for designer cufflinks to make a name for themselves. Some are quite infamous in their own line. They reflect the ingenious creativity and character of their designer. Among the famous designer cufflinks are those of Simon Carter, Duchamp-London, Tyler and Tyler, Tateossian, and Seven London. Many of them are based either in Europe or US, where the cufflink industry is more than flourishing.

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On Designer Cufflinks

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